Out Now!!!: EKRANOPLAN - "Hypnopædia"

 LFA#003 is finally out now!!!

You can stream now the whole record now for free under the following links.



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!!ENJOY !!!

Out Soon: LFA#003 Ekranoplan - "Hypnopædia"

Only a few days left for the Release of Ekranoplans "Hypnopædia"
heres another glimpse of the tape version.

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Ekranoplan: New Song + Video

Ekranoplan just presented their first video for the song "Kalˈkyːl".

Check it out to get another glimpse from the upcoming album "Hypnopædia"

LFA#003: Ekranoplan - Hypnopædia

LowFidelityAssaults is proud to announce the Tape-Release of the upcoming Ekranoplan Record "Hypnopædia"

Ekranoplan Hypnopeadia

Release Date: 30.01.2018

Ekranoplan from Jena, Germany with members of Hungry Lungs & doom giants AHAB unleash their new full-lenght record. Nine songs of grindcore, d-beat and sludge filled with filth, hatred and low-fi energy. expect a bastard of icy sludge, raging crust and precise grindcore annihilation.
(lovingly stolen from Narshardaa Records because I can´t describe it better)

You can listen to first Song at the follwing link:

All the instruments on "Hypnopædia" were recorded live as a band by Ali Arnold at Studio Jena in 2016. 
Mixed by Stefan Braunschmidt and mastered by Roland Wiegener at Tonmeisterei Oldenburg in 2017. 
Illustration by Rotten Fantom
Full layout and color scheme by our Adrian.


1. Greayve
2. Sprechverbot
3. Bleak & Withered
4. Binære Progression 2.0
5. Binære Progression 2.1
6. You're Welcome
7. Kal'ky:l
8. Fragments Of A Whole 
9. Negative █████ 

There will be two Editions:

Regular Edition:
  • white tape
  • proprinted colour inlay

Deluxe Edition:

  • blue transparent tape 
  • proprinted  colour inlay
  • white full "OnBody Tape Print"
  • grey silkscreened cardboard sleeve
  • logo patch
lim. to 50 copies

The Silkscreening was done by Max Rossner

For the CD or Vinyl Edition please visit: